Virtual Reality

While concepting for the USA Ski Jumping team, we saw an opportunity to introduce a new technology to help them promote the pure thrill of ski jumping. We thought, “What better way to communicate the thrill than to experience it?” And instead of leaving that question unanswered, we purchased the first edition Samsung Gear Virtual Reality (VR) Innovator Edition headset. For a first introduction to VR, this product is nothing short of amazing.

It’s surprising how fast your mind forgets where you physically are, and instead believes the experience that the goggles are creating. Once you remove the headset, your mind continues to dream up alternate realities. The possibilities of how this will be used are truly endless. We’ll see it in education, in entertainment (for example, a movie) and in marketing using branded experiences. Without a doubt we’ll see it in every industry. David M. Ewalt, a reporter for Forbes, just wrote, “The experience feels similar to what it must have felt like to first gaze upon a television nine decades ago at the birth of a new medium.” And we couldn’t agree more.

After playing with the VR headset for a few weeks, another thing we realized is that the only thing as fun as immersing ourselves into the virtual experience, is sharing it. So consider this an open invitation to our Wingnut clients, partners and friends: come on down and take a peek into the future.