Colleges and universities need to stand on more than their reputation.

39% of colleges and universities DON’T have a formal strategy for consumer insights.

That means a little north of one third of America’s $475 billion higher education industry is without marketing insights or a reliable plan. A recent report titled “The State of Higher Education: A Survey of Marketing Leaders” found that 61% of colleges have an insights plan in place. Good for them. But what about the $186 billion in sales happening without insights? What could enrollments look like with marketing informed by insights? The study didn’t offer insights on the efficiency of those with a plan. But the smart money says those with a plan are taking student share from those without.

As an insights-driven creative agency, we know how important it is to have a focused brand strategy and marketing plan. In fact, these lessons are probably what most colleges actually teach in their classrooms. And it’s this kind of knowledge that we apply to each and every one of our clients, every day.