When it comes to business success, it isn’t always about you.

By John Arms, CEO

Two CPAs are being interviewed for a three-year contract by a company. The first meets with the CFO and brandishes a 20-page deck about their services, their people and three top tax code implications. By all means, it was a polished deck on their company. The second CPA went in with an almost identical presentation.

The only difference between them was what was on page one of their decks. The first company’s page one said, “We’re a top rated CPA firm with offices in Minneapolis, Washington DC and San Francisco.”

The second company’s page one said, “Our highest calling is to help you sleep soundly.”

You can guess which firm got the contract.

Oftentimes we get so wrapped up in our day-to-day that we forget that we’re in the business of helping other people’s business. When people ask me “What does your company do, John?” I tell them, “We move brands forward.”

I have volumes of case studies, lists of services, several methodologies, a price sheet and everything else I need to prove that thought. But the key to the whole thing is it’s not about me. It’s not about Wingnut. It’s about the customer.

Where things are stuck for them?

  • Awareness?
  • Sales?
  • Conversion?
  • Brand differentiation?

Our job is to help clients get these things unstuck. Like a canoe pinned on an underwater log, we help wiggle them free and put things back on the right course. Our job is to move brands forward. That’s what we do.

I hope this helps you find your brand purpose. If you get stuck, give me a call at 612-872-4847 and we’ll help get your brand moving forward again.

Good luck!