John Arms
Partner and CEO, Papa Bear

Client brands or cannonballs off the dock, John is all about making the biggest splash possible. With over twenty years in the industry, John has developed a unique technique in pulling a brand out and creating true relationships between brands and their consumers. As co-founder of Wingnut, John brings his strategic expertise and natural curiosity to every opportunity. John puts most of his energy to work solving strategic and creative problems for clients. The rest is devoted to coffee with CoffeeMate creamer. Seriously. He has a problem.


Jim Cousins
Partner and President

How do two decades of strategic experience come in handy when you’re erecting electrical posts on the side of a Nicaraguan volcano? Who cares? That’s awesome. And so is Jim. Whether he’s working to build the Wingnut agency, or fabricating another grand travel adventure, Jim is relentless in his pursuit to bring great ideas to life. He’s up on all his vaccinations, too. That’s a plus.


Greg Dutton
Partner and Executive Creative Director

As co-founder of Wingnut, Greg has a simple philosophy. You do things right. You put in the hours to create communications that matter. You hang every period, check every gate, and say no to Copper Plate Gothic. You treat your work like your favorite dog, and if that dog falls through a frozen lake, you get out there, you jump in and you save that dog. Greg takes his creative that serious. It makes us some lucky nuts, and his dog Dram one lucky mutt.


Ann Elkins
Account Director

Coffee. Lunch. Freakin sunshine. Whatever you think makes you happy, think again. Here comes Ann Elkins. With over 12 years experience in being the best part of a client's day, Ann’s understanding of account service, creative, production and strategy would bring a smile to anyone with whom she works. If you have a challenge, she’ll think you through it. And if she can’t, her daughter Gloria can. Seriously. We’re voting for her next election.


Malarie Holmes
Account Supervisor

Malarie brings with her a unique set of skills that makes her perfect for Wingnut. She masterfully blends account management, strategy and project management together. She has her Masters in Communication. She golfs. She hits homeruns. She crushes cocktails. You could say she has Wingnut in her veins. At least, under her skin. She got her first ink at a tattoo shop named - you guessed it – Wingnut.


Colleen Nagel
Senior Account Manager

A maestro with a mouthguard. When she’s not skating circles around her hockey competition, Colleen is hard at work coaching the best work out of our clients. Grace and guts, tactical and tenacious. And, above all, a team player. Because the only thing better than a win is doing it with people you respect and can occasionally hip check just to keep ‘em honest.


Ashley Tice
Senior Project Manager

What do a monkey, a morkie and a marriage all have in common? A year in the life of our very own Ashley Tice. Needless to say, the woman’s busy. Joining Wingnut from MojoSolo, Ashley combines project management, account services and vendor coordination together into one bubbly, boot-stomping package that fits perfectly within the Wingnut family. Now, if we can only find that monkey.


Joshlyn Goepfrich
Project Manager

As a dedicated yoga practitioner, founder and instructor of a yoga sculpt program, Joshlyn is used to finding herself in challenging positions. Literally. From Svarga Dvidasana to Hanumanasana to Salamba Sirsasana, she can take something insanely complex and make it look like a walk in the park. Keep in mind this is what she does for fun. As a Project Manager, her focus and flexibility have helped to streamline and strengthen the core of our process. And those breathing exercises have come in handy a few times, too.


Robert Wucher
Graphic Designer

A good agency—one that’s been through the trenches—understands you need that one person in production whose hair never catches on fire. At Wingnut, that person is Robert. With technical aptitude, steady hand and sharp wit, Robert designs our print and digital work for a seamless production landing. If he continues to grow his beard, however, we no longer make any promises about the hair-catching-on-fire thing.


Kate Smith

Born and raised in a half dozen military bases, Kate knows a thing or two about strapping on her boots and getting down to brass tacks. And that’s exactly what she does with words. Kate has an extraordinary ability to transform ordinary words into electrifying copy that moves and inspires our clients to stay ahead of their competition, and quite frankly just makes us look really good.


Tom Hudock
Senior Account Manager

Upon arriving at our office, you’ll notice a special blend of inspiring, “that just feels good” music. You can thank Tom for that. As our Wingnut junior music selector and Senior Account Manager, Tom spins the tunes the same way he manages an account: with finesse, insight and a keen ability to give the people what they want. He was also a 1996 Olympic torchbearer representing the state of Wisconsin, so, you know, there’s that.


Jaclyn Fladmark
Senior Project Manager

In addition to sarcasm and reality TV knowledge (“omg, that really WAS the most dramatic rose ceremony ever!”), it turns out Jaclyn is also really proficient at things that make Wingnut a well-oiled machine. From managing multiple projects to working with our high-profile clients, Jaclyn keeps the rest of us on task and lookin’ fly.


Thomas Osmonson
Graphic Designer

We met Thomas when he was part of the Brandlab, a program that creates opportunities for students to connect with the creative industry. When not producing design pieces and web experiences that knock your socks off, Thomas can be found up in the Northwest Angle, guiding kids through the wilderness on canoe trips and honing his skills as a professional didgeridoo player.


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